Hello people, what’s up? – Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Almost done with our last day in NY!

Depois de passar pela biblioteca e pelo terminal, fomos conferir a catedral.

Apesar de boa parte de o local estar em reforma, não ficamos a ver navios. A energia de lá é muito boa, e escrevo isso independente de religião ou crença. Creio que todo lugar aonde as pessoas frequentam com boas intenções e em busca de paz transmite exatamente isso.

After visiting the Library and the Terminal, we decided to go to the Cathedral.

Despite the Cathedral was undergoing a renovation, we were not at a loss. The energy from this place is very good, and I write that regardless of religion or creed. I believe any place where people attend with good intentions and seeking peace is a place of good energy.

Não quero ficar muito repetitiva nas descrições, NY é um lugar onde a arquitetura é de cair o queixo, e a catedral está inclusa nessa lista. Já falei isso do terminal, sorry; mas ao entrar lá não tem como não observar os detalhes da decoração, as janelas, o teto, os pilares, as pinturas. Tenho artistas na família, vou sempre procurar esses detalhes onde eu visitar!

I don’t wanna repeat myself so much. New York’s architecture is mind-blowing and the Cathedral sure is included in this list. I’ve mentioned the Terminal’s architecture because it’s also amazing, so I’m sorry, but once you’re inside the Cathedral, it’s impossible not to notice the decoration, the windows, the ceiling, the pillars and the paintings! I have some artists in my family; therefore I’m always going to pay attention to these details, wherever I visit! 🙂

 Ali também tem uma lojinha onde você pode comprar colares, pulseiras, medalhinhas, terços, diversas lembranças. Os preços variam… Achei algumas coisas carinhas, tire um tempinho para olhar com cuidado e escolher.

Inside the Cathedral there’s a small shop where you can buy necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rosaries, and several kinds of souvenir. The prices vary from item to item. Some of the things seemed a bit expensive to me, so take a little time to look carefully and choose. 

Inside the Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

If you wanna know about St Patrick’s history, you can check the site below.


I didn’t know so much about St Patrick so I decided to find a site where I could learn more about him.

Well people, next post is about the Broadway show we watched!! The Spider Man!!!

See ya all next time 🙂

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